Reasons to take part

7 Reasons to Engage Your Alumni Association

Remember how you felt when you started at King’s College? Alone? Probably sweating under your backpack?

Now, you’re a big, strong graduate, and King’s College is proud of you. That pride should go both ways of course. So what’s the best way to show that school pride? Join the Old Boys Association!

In fact, here are seven great reasons to join the alumni association:

1. Develop Connections– Building a network of other OBs increases your connections. It offers chances for alumni to rub shoulders with one another at games, socials or events, like galas and community service functions. Not only is this a great way to mingle and enjoy yourself, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to expand your professional connections and meet new people.

2. Give Back- Joining an alumni association is the easiest way to give back to the school. Numerous other, building and development projects have been and continue to be run by old boys association and would not be possible without the financial support of alumni donations. You may donate here

3. Stay Informed- KCOBs are always informed. Career opportunities and networking events are two of the biggest reasons to join. There are KCOBs at all levels of organisations worldwide. However, news has a way of getting to alumni before the general public.

4. Expand Your Skills- Access to career support is important, especially when you’re just starting out. OBs provide an avenue to get solid mentors through workshops, webinars, professional job databases and career coaching even business funding: see KEC and LDA activities. Important reason to be registered.

5. Show Pride- Supporting your school shows pride in your education. While things may not be as wonderful now as they were in your time, you can continue to support the college to ensure it is still here in another 100 years (like many foreign colleges). OBs support is essential to keeping this pride alive!

6. Help Other Students- The association is a great way to help current students. Whether through scholarship donations, activity support or awards, all partly funded through membership dues and can bring about a whole lot of good for students who are now in the position you once occupied. (We’re sure that you probably appreciated the awards you got back then too! Because Old Boys were active also)

7. Increase Your Value- How does your high school increase your? It’s simple. The better a school is, the more popular it is and the more reputable when high profile alumni exist in different spheres of private and public sector, home and abroad. When you join your this organisation, it helps increase the school’s reputation. In turn, this makes your more of a valued asset anywhere you are, Win-win!.

So remember how you felt when you first arrived King’s College—nervous, shy and a little apprehensive? Assess how you feel now—confident, eager and looking forward to the future? Join others who feel the same way and help those who are still working to get there!


Registration is easy and quick into our chapter database, it is key to being aware of a number events and benefits due to old boys. Click Here to Register