Welcome to the Home of the King's College Old Boys Association Abuja Chapter. We welcome all city residents (short or long term) to register and be part of the body.


The King's College Old Boys' Association Abuja Chapter is a section of the alumni of King’s College Lagos (Founded 1909). The association aims to promote the brother hood amongst alumni and existing students. Growing and using the interests, influence and reputation of KC for different means, the association provides an avenue for old boys to continue to remain engaged in the culture. One that all OBs, residents (and visitors) in Abuja can engage in productive networking, development and socialising with great personal benefit for individuals, the association and the college and by extension, the nation and the world.


The association is run by the Executive committee , under the leadership of the Chairman. They are supported by class anchors. All whose details can be seen on the Executives & Anchors page.

That said, the association always welcome any old boy to join and contribute with whatever they have, Time, Treasure or Talent. Invite any old boy you know to register and keep the association strong. Ideas and feedback are always welcome via the feedback page and we will actively send out surveys to seek the opinion of our esteemed alumni on a number of matters arising.

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Please do read this article on reasons to engage the association


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Engagement - Here are 7 Reasons to Engage Your Alumni Association

Remember how you felt when you started at King’s College? Alone? Probably sweating under your backpack?

Now, you’re a big, strong graduate, and King’s College is proud of you. That pride should go both ways of course. So what’s the best way to show that school pride? Join the Old Boys Association!

In fact, here are seven great reasons to join the alumni association:

Develop Connections– Building a network of other OBs increases your connections..

Expand your skills,

Increase your value

KCOBA Abuja Activities


Chapter meetings are held quarterly. Information on meetings are communicated to registered members via mail and whatsapp groups. Meetings are to discuss the welfare of the group and arrange projects and ideas to drive forward the welfare of KCOBs in Abuja and to contribute to the broader goals of the KCOBA global community. Meetings are either held virtually or physically (preCovid).

Sports & Socials

Periodic sports and social events are arranged for the whole association, sponsored by different sets. This gives an opportunity for members to come together in a social relaxed gathering. Playing sports, video games and board games, exercising, eating and sharing drinks together. It is a great way to start the weekend.

KEC - King's Economic Forum

Kings’ Economic Club (KEC) is an initiative of KCOBA Abuja Branch aimed at promoting the economic interests and wellbeing of OBs through regular seminars on business opportunities, feasibility research, business management and entrepreneurship programs.

KEC Soft Loans

KEC Soft Loans is an initiative aimed at enhancing the economic well being of fellow Old Boys in Abuja. It is set up to raise seed funds from interested members of the Association for on lending to qualified members of the Association. The initiative is not essentially profit-oriented and so the plan is for borrowers to access funds at below market rates.


Registration is easy and quick into our chapter database, it is key to being aware of a number events and benefits due to old boys. Click Here to Register

WhatsApp Community

There are a number of WhatsApp groups for different purposes. Your set Anchor will be able to get you added to the necessary groups.

Event Calendar

This gives you a quick view of all the events that are currently scheduled